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Information Extraction from Web Tables

Graduate course, Bielefeld University, 2018

The task of the project is to i) develop and implement these higher level tasks by building on the basic tasks, thus to realize table understanding, ii) execute these tasks on real data, iii) extract information from tables and extend a knowledge base, and iv) evaluate the correctness of the tasks and the extracted information. Possibly, v) further basic tasks need to be implemented or existing basic tasks need to be improved.

Statistical Natural Language Processing

Graduate course, Bielefeld University, 2018

This seminars involves the creation of effective systems for the processing of text by means of statistical methods. There will be significant challenge in integrating these components into a scalable system that can handle the large amount of data required to obtain high accuracy. In addition to the technical challenges in this course, the students will be required to read recent research papers related to the task and integrate these results into their solutions.